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  • Millpledge Veterinary; manufacturer of quality disposable devices specifically for the veterinary professional.

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  • Medical Pet Shirts, are the original, worldwide patented alternative to an e-collar.  Our products are designed to offer less stress, more comfort and protection for dogs, cats and bunnies than traditional e-collar products.    Studies have shown that less stress promotes faster healing times.

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  • 3 ways cloud-based pharmacy and supply management technology can improve the efficiency and profitability of your veterinary hospital

    Veterinary hospitals require medication safety and operational efficiency to provide the utmost care for their patients, but too often the manual processes associated with the management of pharmacy and supplies are prone to errors and missed charges.

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  • Whether it is through our powerful practice management software, integrated mobile cloud technology, cloud storage, or integrated digital imaging and labs, ClienTrax has you covered for ALL of your technology needs.  Check out our newest integration to VPR Cloud and Dragon Vet voice recognition software.

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  • Compliment your busy veterinary practice with the full MyVet radiographic solutions product line for all large and small companion animal practices, exotics and avian, and portable large animal and equine imaging.

    Visit us at www.myvetimaging.com

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  • These essential diagnostics should be your go-to for definitive diagnosis of challenging dermatoses. Read More
  • Europe’s best-selling practice management software

    Oct 19, 2017 by: Julia Fells | j.fells@vetz.vet | +1 (865) 801-8718 Vetz

    The only integrated software in the world for your practice – easyVET now in the US

    easyVET, the European market leader for practice management software, is now available in the US. Five thousand clients and 20 years of expertise create a software package that guarantees a 15% or more revenue increase for your practice. Visit www.vetz.vet for more information about Europe’s #1!

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  • Meet VetZ and Julia Fells: A fresh face on the US market with easyVET – Europe’s #1

    Oct 19, 2017 by: Julia Fells | j.fells@vetz.vet | +1 (865) 801-8718 Vetz

    Meet VetZ and Julia Fells: A fresh face on the US market with easyVET – Europe’s #1

    “A simple, hands-on software that was developed by vets and is not just an IT creation – a software that is reliable and makes daily practice operations easier and faster because it simply works. This is easyVET, the new generation of software on the US market.

    As Director Sales North America, I am proud to represent easyVET and to help vets like you increase your performance, motivate your employees and take better care of your patients...

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  • IBEX Family of Portable Ultrasound Solutions

    Oct 19, 2017 by: Charles Maloy, President of EIMI E.I Medical Imaging

    E.I. Medical Imaging is a world leader and the only US manufacturer of portable ultrasound solutions specifically engineered for veterinary use.  For the past 33 years, the Company's core values have remained intact: putting the customer first and delivering solid, effective ultrasound solutions.  EIMI provides the IBEX portable ultrasound systems.

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  • It’s always useful to see and learn about products in context. That’s why MediVet Products will feature Maya, a live model wearing a waterproof/breathable Medipaw protective boot and two-piece suit at NY Vet at Booth 223.

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  • D.B.I Veterinary Dental Units

    Oct 03, 2017 by: Marketing DBI America
    D.B.I offers a wide line of portable Dental Units specially designed for the Veterinary application. Effective, Robust, Practical while still affordable. More information please call DBI at +1.813.909 ... Read More

    Sep 27, 2017 by: Cherie Grandt, Grandt Marketing, grandtmarketing@charter.net, (715) 309-2170 Under The Weather

    Under the Weather® unveils is newly expanded line of freeze-dried bland diets for dogs. This unique line offers busy pet parents a convenient, healthy solution to cooking up chicken and rice during a times of digestive upset. No more cooking, just add water!

    Available in six flavors, Under the Weather® bland diets are made from premium meats, all raised in the U.S.A. without antibiotics or hormones. No meat by-products, gluten free, nothing artificial.

    The shelf-stable freeze-dried ingredients enable dog owners to keep these products on hand for over two years, to be ready for the next time their dog experiences vomiting or diarrhea.

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    Sep 27, 2017 by: Cherie Grandt, Grandt Marketing, grandtmarketing@charter.net, (715) 309-2170 Under The Weather

    Under the Weather® will reveal its new line of hemp-based soft chews at the New York Vet 2017 trade show. The line includes five new supplements that give dogs all the benefits of this animal-friendly, natural plant without giving them the feeling of being high.

    The full-spectrum proprietary hemp blend is THC free and contains water-soluble hemp extract powder for maximum absorption. The hemp is grown without GMO or pesticides; and the product is free of corn, artificial ingredients or added sugars.

    The line consists of:

    • Hemp Calming
    • Hemp Immunity
    • Hemp Joint
    • Hemp Neuro
    • Hemp Ultra
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    Sep 27, 2017 by: Cherie Grandt, Grandt Marketing, grandtmarketing@charter.net, (715) 309-2170 Under The Weather

    Under the Weather® will showcase its Ready Balance oral microbial supplement for dogs at the New York Vet 2017 trade show. This fast-acting probiotic gel is designed to support normal digestive balance by helping to maintain normal appetite, digestion and gut health. Suggested during times of stress and digestive upset.

    Ready Balance is a stabilized source of beneficial bacteria, select vitamins and the prebiotic Inulin in a palatable gel base. It contains guaranteed levels of live (viable) probiotics, and the dial-a-dose tube delivers accurate feeding levels.

    In addition to Ready Balance, Under the Weather® will be revealing two new functional soft chews added to their supplement line - Calming and Probiotic.

    Manufactured in the U.S.A., these products contain no corn, wheat or artificial flavors.

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    Sep 20, 2017 by: Sandi Garfinkel Comfurt Collar LLC

    Introducing a Recovery Collar that is stress-free and comfortable.  The Comfurt Collar is Veterinary approved and is now available in many Veterinarians' offices.  The Comfurt Collar allows the pet to eat, drink and sleep comfortably eliminating the stress and often depression that is associated with wearing the old-fashioned cone. Remember, a happy pet = a happy owner.

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  • CloserStill Media has today announced that they are acquiring Technology For Marketing (TFM), eCommerce Expo, the Care Show and Top 50 Companies from UBM. CloserStill Media is partnering with Graeme H ... Read More
  • An interview with Dr. Amy Mohl

    Sep 07, 2017 by: New York Vet
    1.    What was your vision for this track? The goal of the Veterinary Team Brief business track at New York Vet is to provide practical business education to complement the clinical program. Speakers ... Read More
  • Established UK company NEW to the USA. When a pet dies it can be a devastating experience. Show your client that you care and that you support them. Sarah Brown Cards is espeically designed for veterinarians.Their design and quality reflects the empathy of your practice in a memorable way.

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  • In a move that promises to exponentially enhance drug inventory management, security, and regulatory compliance for veterinary practices of all sizes, Cubex LLC and The TITAN Group today announced a new partnership that makes TITAN’s expertise in physical security, drug diversion investigations, staff training, and legal compliance available to Cubex’s clients nationally.

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  • Vets First Choice, the leading provider of technology enabled healthcare solutions for veterinary practices, announced today that its parent company, Direct Vet Marketing, has acquired Roadrunner Pharmacy and Atlas Pharmaceuticals. The acquisitions are part of a global initiative to professionalize prescription management services for veterinary practices.

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