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Online Sponsorship


....and becomes a vital component of your marketing toolkit

EXAMPLE FROM OUR SISTER EVENT – London Vet Show: in the build up to the London Vet Show 2017 our website is a popular source of information on all aspects of the event.

From the content of the CE programme and the details of the various exhibitors that will be attending, to details such as travel and accommodation. The website attracts thousands of hits per month and proves to be a large success. The website is also proving to be an invaluable source of information on the industry in general.

  • 2015 Statistics - 44,068 unique visitors, who between them viewed over 327,180 pages 
  • 2014 Statistics - 40,803 unique visitors, who between them viewed over 308,953 pages
  • 2013 Statistics - 34,782 unique visitors, who between them viewed over 212,131 pages
  • 2012 Statistics - 30,147 unique visitors, who between them viewed over 220,920 pages
  • 2011 Statistics - 20,261 unique visitors, who between them viewed over 160,000 pages
  • 2010 Statistics - 12,400 unique visitors, who between them viewd over 115,000 pages
  • 2009 Statistics - 8,400 unique visitors, who between them viewed over 68,000 pages

Clinician's Brief

We will build out the New York Vet audience in concert with our partners at Clinician’s Brief - who reach 74,000 vets every month with the journal and thousands every day through their websites and newsletters - AND with a huge head-start from the extensive database of our customers and friends across London Vet Show, France Vet and Deutsche Vet – which already includes thousands of North American vets.  This represents a great number of people that we can reach immediately with your messaging and core engagement tools before the event even takes place. With our delegates spending more and more time on our sites, we have developed a number of ways that you can make the most of this to develop your prospects before you even meet them!

Sponsorship opportunities this year include: 

  • Automatic Registration Email Sponsor
  • Badge Email Sponsor
  • Sponsorship of the Mobile App
  • Web Adverts
  • Web Enhanced Listing
  • Inclusion in a Round Up
  • Select Emails
  • E-Newsletters
  • Dedicated Area Pages Sponsorship